Glass Art Studio Products & Services


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Artwork Fees may be applicable.



Glass Etching

All glass etching services are produced using an abrasive blasting technique that is time intensive. Minimum charge for etching supplied blanks is $15 a piece. Volume discounts my apply.

Edge Lit Table top signs

Edge lit table top signs are made from 1/2 Starphire  low iron glass that doe's not  have a green cast such as samples in gallery. 1/2 inch x 10 inch table top signs start @ $250.00 and includes led base.


Ornaments with single stage etching start at $25.00

Glue Chipping

Glue Chipping is an old world glass art that involves natural glue applied to etched glass and then placed in a low humidity environment. Due to complex conditions it can take up to a week for the process to be completed.  


All gilded items are gilded using faux gold,or silver leaf. Genuine gold and silver gilding is available  and will vary in price due to market fluctuations. Copper leaf is done with genuine copper. All gilded items regardless  of metal content are sealed to protect against common use. Items are for display only and care should be used when handling or cleaning items. All items come with care instructions.


All back-painted items are painted using sign grade enamel paints. All items painted with translucent paint are painted with a baked on enamel finish. these items can be handled with care on a regular basis. Care should be used when cleaning painted items. They are subject to damage if exposed to harsh chemical cleaning products.




Artwork Requirements and fees

Basic layout of custom pieces using True Type fonts are included in the item cost. ALL CUSTOM TEXT or PHRASES must be approved in writing BEFORE work on a project will begin. ALL text and wording for a project  should be emailed to us were we will "Cut and Paste" the text into are graphics program. We will not be responsible for spelling or grammar errors on approved layouts.

All artwork, photo manipulation, or complex layouts will be billed at $75 an hour, with a 1/2 hour minimum.


Accepted File formats

At Glass Art Studio we use various processes including photo resist.  If we can put it on our computer screen, we can etch it on glass.  Photo resist is limited 8x10 inches. Large artwork is cut in paint mask on a vinyl  plotter and must have artwork in vector format. all raster ( picture or scanned hand drawing) to vector file conversions are contracted out to The Vector Dr at cost + 10% processing fee. Feel free to contract  The Vector Dr  directly.  Accepted file formats for images are JPG,and PNG format. Vector files should be in EPS, AI,  FS , or DXF format.


Copyright statement

Glass Art Studio takes artist copyrights seriously. We DO NOT accept copyrighted artwork for reproduction unless the client has rights or permission from the copyright holder. If art work is used in a production run of items for resale client must have reproduction commercial license to the artwork. Questionable artwork will be run through a Reverse image search


Terms of use

Unless otherwise specified by the client Glass Art Studio reserves the right to use images of any commissioned work for web or print related advertisement for an unlimited period of time.

Charitable giving

Glass Art Studio believes in "Giving Back" to our community. If you wold like to use our services in a fund raising effort for charity contact us today.