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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

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How do you "Etch" Glass?

There are many ways to etch glass and other substrates. Some methods use harsh chemicals. Some use lasers. Others use stones or rotary tools to engrave the glass.  

At Glass Art Studio we use an abrasive blasting technique. Stencils of the artwork are CNC plotter cut out of sign vinyl, or paint mask. Detailed artwork stencils can be made using photo resist. Photo resist can be used with halftone artwork to etch "Photos" on glass.

What is "Float" or "Window Glass

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Flat glass is created by "Floating" molten glass in a bed of molten lead. most all common window glass has a high iron content giving it a "Green"  (Top) edge and hue when edge-lit. Low iron glass is sold by a few trade names the most popular being "Starphire" or "Opticlear"  Various aquarium  and home decor channels on You Tube demonstrate the properties of both. Most all of the glass in our gallery is Float Glass. 

ALL EDGE-LIT SIGNS come with "Starphire" Clear Glass.

What doe's "Stage" mean?

Glass has only 2 colors. Like a line drawing in pencil, or a photograph. Images can be put on glass using Halftones (Like a B&W Photo), or multicolored line art. A 2 color image can be produced by 'Pulling" one color and surface etching it, then "Pulling" the second color and deep etching it. A 3rd color can be added by leaving the area between the first 2 colors clear.


What is Sandcarving?

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Sandcarving refers to a multistage etching in which each "Layer" is pulled at a time and manipulated to create a 3D effect.

What is Gilding?

Gold Leaf Kit

Gilding is the process of applying micro thin sheets of gold, silver, or copper to and object such as glass, wood, clay, and other substrates. Metal leaf also come in imitation (Faux) leaf. Genuine Gold and Silver leaf prices fluctuate with the market. Faux leaf provides an economical way for adding and Old World touch to a project.

What is Glue Chipping?

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Glue chip glass is a technique for decorating the surface of glass.The glue chip process starts with the application of a layer of animal hide glue to the surface of the glass.  As the glue dries it shrinks and, in doing so, chips thin layers of glass from the surface, leaving a decorative finish.

 Glue chipping is an old world art and is dependent on nature. Time, temp, and humidity is what  causes the glue to shrink. The pattern produced by this process cannot be duplicated exactly. Like nature "No 2 show flakes are the same". No 2 chipping come out with the same pattern even of all parameters are duplicated exactly.